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Nature calendar


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For convenience, the frames are equipped with an additional hole for the children’s finger. To the “thermometer” there is a two-color lace with a knot, which marks the temperature indicator.

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The visual aid is a wooden tablet measuring 62×43 cm, with recesses for removable inserts. 40 inserts depict people in clothes characteristic of a certain time of the year (4 inserts), people’s work at a particular time of the year (4 inserts), changes in wildlife, names of days of the week, months, symbolic images of natural phenomena – wind, precipitation cloud cover. The frame is mounted on a wooden stand or mounted on a wall. The circular model represents the change of days of the week, it is complemented by color symbols. The thermometer model is represented by indicators from + 40 ° to – 30 °. A digital frieze is mounted on the bottom of the tablet, on which you can use the mobile window-slider to monitor the change in the number of days. All models, with the exception of circular ones, give children the opportunity, based on removable inserts, to select the appropriate picture-pictogram and mark their observations of nature on the calendar. Inserts are placed in a special box.

Your child will be happy to fill out this nature calendar daily. He will learn to observe the world around him, get acquainted with natural phenomena, remember the names of the seasons, months and days of the week.

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