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Developmental guide “Boots”


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Figures can be circled, decorated or shaded with the resulting image, and then come up with and draw a whole story.

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A wooden tablet measuring 37×10 cm from the “Big to Small” series, on which there are 5 inserts in the form of boots with button handles. The liners are reduced in size from larger to smaller in the direction from left to right. In addition to the development of fine motor skills, a logical collapsible insert board will help to form a child’s idea of ​​size and quantity, teach him to use the words “large”, “small”, “medium”, “smallest”, “largest”, “more than” , “less than”.

The allowance can be used for classes with children from 2 to 5 years. When playing with a child, give him tasks for comparing figures, counting, including using ordinal numbers first, second, and so on, arranging them in the correct sequence (“in height”).

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