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Game manual “Turnip”


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The composition of the table theater “Repka” includes 13 parts: grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, dog, cat, mouse, turnip, 2 fences, a tree, a house, 2 beds with vegetables and 13 stands for them. Tell and show your baby the fairy tale “Turnip”, and you will see how emotionally he reacts to what he saw. And this is not only a theater, but also a wonderful speech therapy material.

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Growing up, the child himself will play the tale, developing creative thinking, speech (it becomes more imaginative, expressive), enriching the vocabulary. A game with a table theater introduces a child to folk art, develops coherent and logical speech skills, and the ability to retell.

The tale gives the baby the first ideas about good and evil, friendship and betrayal, courage and cowardice. It is fairy tales in an accessible form that explain to young children what is good and bad, they lay moral and social values. The fairy tale makes the child empathize with the characters, as a result of which he has not only new knowledge, but also a new emotional attitude to the environment: people, objects, phenomena.

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