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Puzzles. Polite Words, p. 30, year 2017


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How to teach a child the rules of good form? How can we care for others and keep clean? Why thank and protect the weak? With these cards, he learns what polite words to say and how to behave in different situations.

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In a set of 30 double-sided cards made of thick cardboard, describing the situations in which each baby finds himself daily. On one side of the card is a picture, on the other a poem and questions about this picture. Such tasks develop the ability to understand one’s own and other people’s emotional states, motives of actions and intentions. An example of how you can use flashcards by asking your toddler: Lay out all the pictures in which the children are upset and cry. Find and post all the pictures on which children are helping someone. Find and post pictures that children are doing wrong. Find pictures in which children are protecting someone. The cards are suitable for both individual play and group play lessons in preschool institutions.

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