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Zemtsova Olga Nikolaevna – Get to know nature (3-4 years)


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Zemtsova Olga Nikolaevna Softcover 2012 60×90 / 8

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Pursuing this book, your baby will learn to determine the time of day; learns what happens in nature in winter, spring, summer and autumn; get acquainted with some natural phenomena. The little student will remember the names of animals and their cubs; will be able to talk about where they live, what they eat and what their houses are called. The kid will expand his horizons and vocabulary, will become more attentive and observant. The knowledge gained will help the child understand the whole diversity of wildlife, will arouse interest in its study. Try to answer all the baby’s questions, read additional literature with him. Sticking pictures will not only make the learning process a fun experience, but will also develop fine motor skills and coordination of hand movements. Your child may need your help.

Find the right sticker with him and help him stick it to the page. Do not forget to praise the baby at the end of class.

ABC-Atticus; Foreigner

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