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Zemtsova Olga Nikolaevna – Get to know nature (4-5 years)


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Zemtsova O.N. Softcover 2009 60×90 / 8

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Pursuing this book, your child will be interested in exploring the natural world. Performing the proposed tasks, the little student will be able to compare the structure of the human and animal bodies; learn the names of the senses. The kid will receive answers to many questions of interest to him and he will be able to tell himself: why do certain natural phenomena occur, what grows in the forest, what types of trees are; will remember the names of animals and plants, trace the chain of their development. A child learns how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, how a female bumblebee displays offspring, which houses animals, birds and insects build. This book fosters a love of nature and teaches respect for it. Sticking pictures will make your classes more interesting and help your child develop fine motor skills and hand movement coordination.

ABC-Atticus; Foreigner

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