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Zemtsova Olga Nikolaevna – Tests (2-3 years) (with stickers)


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Zemtsova Olga Nikolaevna Softcover 2014 60×90 / 8

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What books to choose for classes with the child?
This question is answered by O. N. Zemtsova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Center for Preschool Development and Parenting, author of the Smart Books series:

New books with stickers from the series Preschool Mosaic ”will help to summarize your child’s knowledge. Together, you will complete useful and interesting tasks and find out which sections of the preschool program are given to the child most easily, and which ones you need to pay attention to. Stickers will help to activate visual, auditory and tactile perception, which means to increase the effectiveness of classes.
In addition, gluing pictures accustoms the child to accuracy.

Tasks in the books “Tests” are compiled into sections: thinking, literacy, speech development, mathematics, the world around us, motor skills, sensory skills, attention, memory. The child will answer questions on various topics, learn to think and solve logical problems, get acquainted with the basics of reading and counting and prepare his hand for writing. At the end of the book, you can summarize by counting the number of correctly and incorrectly completed tasks.

Performing tasks, playing with bright stickers, your child will spend time with interest and benefit.

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