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Zemtsova Olga Nikolaevna – We develop speech (3-4 years)


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Zemtsova Olga Nikolaevna Softcover 2019 60×90 / 8

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This book will help your child develop coherent speech, expand his vocabulary, and learn how to express his thoughts. Be sure to stimulate the baby’s speech activity. In the classroom, the child should speak as much as possible. Encourage it. Make sure that the kid answers the questions with complete sentences, is not in a hurry and clearly pronounces every word.

Sticking pictures will make the learning process not only an exciting activity, but also will develop fine motor skills and coordination of hand movements. Perhaps the little student will need your help. Find the right sticker with your child and help him stick it to the page. Do not forget to praise the baby at the end of class.

ABC-Atticus; Foreigner

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