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GCM. Little explorers. Amazing Body, p. 16, year 2019


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My body:
Follow the tips on how to keep your body healthy for as long as possible.

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Why is the heart beating? And what is it beating about? What does food do in the stomach? Why brush your teeth? All the questions of the little “why” are answered in this book. Each spread contains a detailed and very understandable story about how our body works, and what to do to keep the body healthy and happy, how to fight invading germs, how to help the skin maintain temperature, how to help muscles to keep bones …

Everything here is described simply and clearly, and most importantly – everything is shown in the pictures that you can open. If you want to look into your head, open it and examine the brain. If you want to know what is happening in the stomach – open the window on the stomach and you will see everything.

Your brain:
Discover how the brain works and how the senses are connected with it.

Learn how food is converted into energy for life.


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