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[BA] I know everything!, Page 440, year 2020


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What is a black hole? How does the eye work? Where is New Guinea located? These and other questions are answered by the large illustrated encyclopedia of intelligence “I know everything!”

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Our book contains more than 1,500 articles in all branches of knowledge and fields of science, which will communicate a lot of interesting facts and information, expand horizons and serve as an excellent informative reference for the whole family. A convenient and well-thought-out form of presentation of the material, the compositional unity of articles arranged alphabetically, will help you quickly find the article, map, diagram you are interested in. Magnificent illustrations and modern printing will make communicating with the book not only useful, but also an extremely pleasant pastime. Our book will become an irreplaceable friend and helper for your children, teach them to work with reference and scientific and educational literature, make them grateful readers and lovers of the book.

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