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My First Book of Cyrillic Capital Letters


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The books train fine motor skills, logic and intelligence, prepare the hand for writing, teach coloring, drawing, counting, mathematical calculations, and even the definition of time.

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With the help of this workbook, a child will learn to confidently write the printed letters of the Russian alphabet. As in all the other Kumon books, it is based on the principle from simple to complex. That is why the letters in the book are not alphabetically, but by complexity of writing. First the child will write letters, consisting of straight lines, then oblique, followed by letters with arcs and, finally, with circles. Before starting to write letters, a child will practice drawing lines of varying difficulty.

The workbook was developed by the Kumon center especially for Russian children, and was tested and approved by Svetlana Voskresenskaya, the author of many textbooks for preschoolers, who acted as the book’s science consultant.

Who this workbook is for
For children from 3 years old.

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