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Set “Lacing animals”


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Lacing “Animals” consists of 20 multi-colored figures of animals, birds and insects of approximately 5×3 cm in size and three multi-colored laces with a wooden tip to facilitate stringing.

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Each figure has two holes through which to draw a lace. At one end of the lace there is a wooden stick that facilitates stringing figures. Bright, colorful, pleasant to the touch animal figures will be excellent didactic material for developing the child’s speech, expanding his horizons: describe to the child the animals where they live, what they eat, what features each of them has. Older children can complicate tasks, for example, stringing pets on one string and wild animals on the other. You can offer to sort the animals by habitat (hot countries, forest), etc.

During the game, the child will develop fine motor skills, attentiveness, thinking, memory, expand his knowledge of the animal world, vocabulary, as well as the ability to classify and generalize.

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