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Secrets “Fruit Berries”


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Material: plywood, paper

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How to play?
1. Learn the names of the fruits shown on the tablet.
2. Learn the concepts of “top” – “bottom”, “right” – “left”. Ask the child to lay in the top row of the tablet: orange, banana, peach and kiwi, and in the bottom row: pear, apple, lemon and plum. Ask the child to name the vegetables that are on the right of the tablet; left on the tablet …
3. Play the game “What has changed?”. Put 5-6 fruits in a row. Have your child close their eyes and swap several pictures. Ask the baby to say what has changed.
4. Teach your child to distinguish the sound from which the word begins, for example,
“a” is an apple
“p” – pineapple
“k” – kiwi
“b” – banana, etc.

Weight 15.000 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in
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1+, 2+