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Puzzle “Color pencils”


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Putting together pairs of puzzles, on one of which some funny drawing is drawn, and on the other – two or three pencils of the same color, the child will learn to pay attention to the colors of the world.

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The “Color pencils” puzzle consists of 8 prefabricated wooden panels-puzzles of 17×12 cm in size, which are disassembled into 2 parts. A bright drawing is drawn on one of the paired parts, and pencils of the colors used in the drawing are drawn on the other. All 16 parts of eight panels are placed in a wooden box with a lid-valve.

The manual is intended for children from 2 to 6 years. Picking up pairs of puzzles, the child not only develops fine motor skills of his hands and improves coordination of his actions, but also learns to distinguish colors, pay attention to the colors of the world around him.

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