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Developmental manual “Caterpillar” (Russian alphabet)


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Classes with a fun caterpillar contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the child’s hands, speech, visual and auditory perception, attention, and will also teach the child to recognize letters and relate them to sounds.

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A wooden tablet measuring 41×29.5 cm, depicting a lilac amusing caterpillar toy, the body of which consists of 33 parts with insert letters. The letters are arranged alphabetically from the neck of the caterpillar to its tail. The corresponding letter is also written in the recess under the liner. For ease of use and training of fine finger motility, all puzzles are equipped with knobs.

A large fun caterpillar will introduce your child to the Russian alphabet. Let your child’s learning the alphabet be boring and fun.

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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in
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