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Set of felt “Berry jam”


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Material: Felt
Mat size: 24 cm * 24 cm

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How to play?

1. The game “Cooks”. Ask your child what kind of jam can be made from strawberries? (Strawberry). Cherry juice? (Cherry). Blueberry filling? (Blueberry).
2. The game “Cooking according to the recipe.” Invite your child to calculate how many total types of berries are in the set? Ask to cook “Assorted Berry Jam” from any 3, 5, 9 ingredients. Ask your child to make a prescription berry compote.
3. The game “Favorite Berry.” Invite your child to guess your favorite berry with a few hint words. For example: “My favorite berry is round, red, growing on a tree, with a large bone inside. Guess what I love? ” (Cherry).
4. The game “Chef’s Alphabet”. Ask the child to make a dessert of berries, in the name of which you can hear the given sound. For example, “K”  redcurrant, strawberry, gooseberry.
5. Use a felt set in various story games: “Preparing supplies for the winter”, “Dessert for the doll and its guests”, “Home cooking”, etc.

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