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Domino “Geometry”


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The manual consists of 20 plywood tablets — playing cards 16×8.5 cm in size. On geometric cards — tablets, 2 geometric shapes are attached — figures painted sequentially in one of 5 colors: red, yellow, blue, green or orange.

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Geometric shapes – figures are squares, circles, triangles and rectangles, towering 0.6 cm above the surface of the card. All label cards are stacked in a plywood box with a lid-valve.

The game manual is intended for children from 2 to 6 years. The essence of the game is to continue the chain of cards, finding the same as the previous one in shape and color. Geometric dominoes will help your baby learn and consolidate knowledge about geometric shapes and primary colors. Game material allows you to perform a series of tasks to determine the color, shape.

Domino Geometry is aimed at the development of speech, attention, logic, ideas about form and color, fine motor skills and participation in general games.

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