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Denisova D. – Malyshariki. Set 2+. Early development course


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Denisova D.

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Toddlers. Early Development Course 2+” is intended for the comprehensive and harmonious development of children from 2 to 3 years. The heroes of the beloved animated series – charming Toddlers – will help the child learn a lot of new things, develop speech, fine motor skills, memory, imagination and imagination. Exciting tasks correspond to the age capabilities of the baby. Each manual fulfills its developmental task. Educational cards on a cardboard tab will help turn learning into a fun game. They will be conveniently stored in an envelope located on the inside of the cover. How does a child develop in 2 years? How to deal with it? These and other questions will be answered by the Parent Page – you can build classes with the baby so that they bring him not only benefit, but also joy. “Toddlers. The course of early development” will help instill in the child an interest in exploring the world and a love of new knowledge. The course will become a good helper for parents, tutors, educators and methodologists.

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