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VVI. Little explorers. On the farm, page 16, year 2019


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Each spread of the book “On the Farm” has colorful illustrations and many interesting facts about life in the countryside. We invite little readers to ride a tractor, visit the stable, see how the crops are harvested, and see the amazing machines that are on the farm. Open the windows and learn interesting facts. You won’t be bored with this funny book!

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What does a farmer need besides a tractor? What happens during the busiest time of the year? Learn How To Care For Horses! The information that the child finds on the pages and in the windows will be very useful, important and necessary. With kids, you can look at pictures and learn the names of animals, transport, and older children can be invited to read short texts themselves.

An unusual book with windows “On the Farm” is part of the “Fun Together” collection. With books and games from this collection, joint activities will be useful, fun, interesting and will bring pleasure to both kids and their parents!

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