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Telleski S. The Great Time Travel (author’s drawing), page 28, year 2019


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Go along with the funny rabbits on a long journey through time in search of the Blue Carrot!

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In the big rabbit hole, everyone firmly believes in the existence of the Blue Carrot – the most miraculous carrot in the world! But here’s the trouble: no one can find her in any way. Centuries pass, epochs change, the rabbit hole turns into a Roman amphitheater, a knight’s castle, or a space station. But where is the Blue Carrot? Have you lost it somewhere in the Stone Age?

Open the book soon and help the rabbits find the cherished carrot!

Hidden in this book are:
– Blue Carrot is the most cherished and desired. Help the rabbits find her!
– 19 characters – bright and funny. Follow each one throughout the book!
– Lots of details from different historical eras: from primitive life to intergalactic flights.

A bright and fascinating book by the modern French illustrator of children’s books, designer Sebastian Telleschi – great entertainment for both children and adults. Readers will embark on a colorful journey from ancient times to modern times to find the mysterious Blue Carrot lost in centuries.

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