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Ruth Simons: How the Earth Works


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Having passed through the tunnels of pages, you will climb to the top of the mountain and descend into a deep cave, ride on the sea wave and feel the heat of the desert, find yourself in the clouds and in the epicenter of an earthquake. Open the valves, find out the secrets of our amazing planet, which it hides in each of its layers. And enjoy the voluminous illustrations as beautiful as the Earth itself.

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The child will be delighted with the book, because: it has flaps that will reveal the secrets of our planet; multi-layered illustrations will allow you to see everything that is underground; mountain peaks, deep caves, sea waves, light clouds and erupting volcanoes – everything can be touched and viewed from the inside; illustrations from the Italian studio Bomboland will show what is under our feet – on the surface and deep underground. Who is this book for For curious children from the age of 6.

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