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O&R. Cosmic tales. Earth and Moon / Ulyeva E., page 24, year 2019


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“Any child is a tireless discoverer who asks thousands of questions and is able to absorb everything new.” Elena Uleva

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The book “Moon and Earth” will introduce your child to the adorable baby Moon, who now and then finds herself in different cosmic situations, and the wise and kind planet Earth in every way supports her and helps her to cope with various tasks.

You have to learn what a meteor shower is, how a black hole is formed in space and why we see the moon sometimes thin, sometimes full, and how astronauts correctly call it.

With the book “The Moon and the Earth” your little why will definitely not get bored, but will discover a lot of new and useful scientific information about space and its structure.

The Cosmic Fairy Tales series are educational books for little why, where scientific knowledge about planets, stars, comets and asteroids is presented in the form of a fascinating fairy tale.

Elena Ulyeva is the author of educational manuals, published with a total circulation of 3 million copies, is included in the TOP – 10 most published children’s authors in Russia – according to the Book Chamber, a master of fairy tales, a talented teacher with 20 years of experience working with children. Her manuals are based on the author’s method of early development through creativity and play.

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