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The first book about money


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For inquisitive kids and for parents who want to tell their child about money simply and playfully.

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Tin and Tin mice want to wish their mother a happy birthday. They decide to give her a beautiful hat. But, as it turns out, you can’t just take things from the store – you have to pay to buy them. And the mice don’t have any money. So what can they do to get the money?

This book explains what money is, where it comes from and why you need it, and what goods, prices, banks, and ATMs are. It also tells how you can help when someone is in trouble.

The Book’s Tricks
Simply about complicated things: An easy-to-understand story with funny characters that explains serious things.

Additional multimedia content: audio recordings available by QR-code from the book’s spreads. In them, the characters explain what money, bank, goods, service, price, wages, jobs, savings and charity are.

Cool moving elements inside the book: an ATM where you can insert a card, an envelope with money, a cash register where you can put money for a purchase and get a receipt, and a real piggy bank.

An assistant book with which a parent can explain to a child where money comes from and why sometimes you can’t buy everything you want.

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