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Mum! I Can Cook By Myself


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Teaching cooking using the Montessori method. Learning useful skills through creativity and play.

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How do you teach your child to eat healthy foods? Let him cook it himself!

The authors of this book, Italian moms Katia Casprini and Roberta Guidotti, show that cooking is easy and fun, and even children can surprise their families with culinary masterpieces.

Under the cover are step-by-step photo recipes for delicious and healthy desserts created using the Montessori methodology. If your child can’t read yet and only counts to five? It will be enough to prepare your own first dishes.

The book will help develop independence, concentration, and fine motor skills, feel more confident, and have a great time. And the pancakes or muffins they make will be a decoration on any table.

Who this book is for
For young cooks from 3 years old.

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