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Finger coloring. Funny pictures, page 32, year 2017


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The child will be able to independently, from start to finish, draw his family in a beautiful frame and keep his first masterpiece as a keepsake.

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Create your first masterpieces with your fingers and palms!
This vibrant 3D outline coloring book is made for the youngest artists. Drawing with fingers and palms is a great way to develop not only fine motor skills, but also thinking, speech, coordination of movements, perception of colors and shapes. This activity brings joy and pleasure to the child and has a huge developmental effect.
Finger coloring “Funny Animals” has everything to make the process of drawing fun and convenient:
– Each page is made of thick paper. Even if the kid applies a thick layer of paint, the drawing will not deteriorate and will not get wet.
– To make the drawings easier to dry and store, the pages are easily removed from the coloring. You can conveniently unfold the book in a horizontal position and it will not slam shut.
– The first drawings for children should be simple and large. In this coloring book you will find many pictures with easily recognizable objects, animals, seasons, marine life, etc. All illustrations are bright – you just want to finish drawing and color them!
– A thick volumetric outline of the shapes to be painted will help the baby not to go over their edges and make a neat drawing.
At the end of the coloring, the kid will have a responsible task: the creation of the first real picture!

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