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Where Do Emotions Live?


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This book in a playful way will introduce the child to different feelings, help to get to know yourself better and work through negative emotions

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The protagonist of the book is Baby Elon, a hypersensitive elephant who not only sees emotions, but also makes friends with them. Together with Elon, the child will complete various tasks, after which he will be rewarded – a sticker with the image of the main character (it is pasted to the bottom corner of the page).

There are four sections in the book: 1 – getting to know yourself, 2 – getting to know emotions, 3 – managing emotions and mood, 4 – planning and achieving goals.

The author’s explanations will help you understand what skill you will develop with the following exercises, why it is important and how it will be useful to the child in the future. You will also find tips on how to help your child complete a task if needed.

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