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The Little Match Girl Hans Christian Andersen


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The most poignant of the stories told by G. H. Andersen about a poor little orphan.

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The Little Match Girl is the most poignant of the stories told by H. H. Andersen. It is about a poor little orphan who is forced to sell matches to passers-by on the street. On the last day of the old year, the girl does not manage to sell a single match, for the whole day she was not given a penny, and the little one does not dare to return home, to a cold room in the attic, where her father will surely beat her. Undressed, barefoot, she sits down behind the ledge of the house right on the snow and begins to light unsold matches-candles one after another. In the reflections of the flame, the girl sees beautiful pictures that have never been in her life: a hot oven, a festive table with a Christmas goose, a luxurious Christmas tree with thousands of candles … With these imaginary pictures, the girl ascends to Heaven – “to where there is neither cold nor hunger, no fear”… The artist Lyudmila Pipchenko, who created drawings especially for this edition, managed to convey this poignant New Year’s story. Bright tears of compassion come to the throat, it is worth opening the book …

Age group: 6+
Volume: 32
Publication year: 2021
Format: 200×260
Binding Type: Hard
Coated paper