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The Adventures of the Elektronic


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The book The Adventures of the Elektronic includes a story from a children’s musical three serial film of the same name.

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In 1980, the premiere of the children’s musical three-part film “The Adventures of Electronic” took place, and the whole country learned about the robot boy named Electronics! And I fell in love … Until now, the film is one of the hundred most popular films among Russians.
There would be no Electronics and all his fascinating history if Evgeny Veltistov had not mixed up the suitcase. The writer went to rest on the sea and instead of a suitcase with a towel and swimming trunks, he took with him a suitcase full of books. From this unfortunate mistake, the story of Electronics was born. The writer began to think: “What if there would be something else in the suitcase? For example, a robot boy.” In 1964, the book “Electronic – a boy from a suitcase” was published. This fantasy story was included in the book “Adventures of Electronics”.
Drawings by V. Chelak.
For middle school age.

Author: Veltistov Evgeny Serafimovich
Editing: Kid
Series: Favorite stories of girls and boys
Artists: Chelak Vadim Georgievich, Logutova Anastasia Sergeevna
Weight (kg): 0.404
Binding: Hard
Pages: 256
Width (mm): 145
Height (mm): 219
Paper: Offset paper 90/80
Age group: 6+