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Russian holidays. Levkievskaya E.E.


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Calendar of Russian holidays and rituals – the book leads the reader from the beginning of the year to its end.

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The calendar of Russian holidays has developed in a bizarre way: through Christian traditions, here and there pagan ones, tied to the annual natural cycle, “shine through”. The book leads the reader from the beginning of the year to its end, making stops at each holiday date, and tells what rituals accompanied the meeting of spring, sowing, harvesting. As the girls in Rus’ guessed; why did the villagers swing on the swings and roll from the mountains; who are the mummers and sorcerers, what is stumbling, meat-eater, “terrible evenings” and “chicken name days” …
Fascinating illustrations by Vera Pavlova is a poetic world where the heroes are both ordinary people and Russian saints, angels and seraphim. Birds fly across the pages of the book, snails crawl, cats, lambs and hares roam.
The book explains the preserved traditions and interprets the echoes of the departed, building a bridge between the past and the present. Suitable for family reading and will be useful to anyone interested in the history of the Russian people.