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May Night, or the Drowned Woman


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Illustrated edition based on the story of N.V. Gogol with the same name.

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In the center of the plot is Levko, the son of a village head, who cannot marry his beloved girl Hanna because of a harsh and cunning father. It would seem that there is nowhere to wait for help, but it will come unexpectedly.

Inside the book – 92 thick coated pages with watercolor illustrations, pencil and charcoal drawings; on each page there is an effect of old light paper in the background, with blots, inclusions and scuffs. A similar background (only darker) was used in The Night Before Christmas, and repetitive design elements were also used to bring the books together in a unified style and concept.
Hard cover, silver foil stamping, matte lamination of the cover. The format of the book is 225×310 mm, the flyleaf is made of light design paper.