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Grandma, Grandpa and Me: Stories and Novels


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Almazov, Artyukhova, Yakovlev, Oseeva “Grandma, Grandpa and Me” stories and novels created by famous and beloved authors

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Grandparents … Their role in the family is invaluable, the affection of the “old and the young”, their craving for each other is special, unlike anything, their closeness cannot be replaced even by the strongest parental love. It is difficult to judge who draws more from these relationships, but they are healing and beneficial for both. The stories that made up this book tell about them, so touching, so necessary, about what older people mean in the life and mind of a child with their experience, their wisdom, their mature soul. Stories and stories created by well-known, beloved authors are arranged in the book as the plot becomes more complex and are intended for all family members, from the youngest to very, very adults.

Age group: 6+
Volume: 224
Year of publication: 2017
Format: 170*230
Binding Type: Hard