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Visual dictionaries. Seasons / Paramonova A., p. 16, year 2020


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“Seasons. Visual Dictionary ”is a bright cardboard book that will familiarize the baby with the seasons and their features, as well as with fun activities for each of the seasons.
Short texts understandable to the kid with interesting facts and plot panoramic illustrations for viewing will turn communication with this book into a fascinating educational activity and a fun game! Together with the kid, complete the “find and show” tasks, look for similarities and differences, guess the hidden objects, describe already familiar characters and write your own stories about them!

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“Seasons. Visual Dictionary ”is a cardboard book, with the help of which the kid will discover the world around him with interest and develop memory, attention, imagination, horizons and creativity.

Series “The first words of the baby. Visual Dictionaries ”was created especially for young researchers aged 1 to 4 years. These handy-looking visual dictionaries focus on topics that kids are most interested in.

Each spread of the visual dictionary introduces the child to a separate topic. On the left page you will find a short and understandable explanation for the baby and interesting scientific facts, as well as everything to teach the baby to describe the subject under discussion and talk about its features.

On the right page of each spread, you will find a plot panoramic illustration with large details for viewing. Looking at it, you can play “find and show”, look for similarities and differences, learn to describe objects, guess guessed objects or even write your own story, developing memory, attention, imagination and creative abilities.

All books in the series are made of thick white cardboard, and their corners are rounded for safe use.

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