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The most-most ABC, page 95, year 2019


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The very, very ABC is an interactive bridge between a toy book, which the kid is still flipping through unconsciously, and that endlessly amazing world of literature, which in the future he wants to open for himself.

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The very, most ABC is a unique educational and artistic project! Stunning illustrations, author’s poems by Yevgeny Sosnovsky, animated 3D 3D pictures, sound effects and interactive multi-level puzzle games will immerse your child in the magical world of reading! Each illustrated spread hides an AUGMENTED reality. Bring the pictures to life in the book, turn the illustrations into puzzle games and listen to the author’s poems using any electronic device on the iOS or Android platform. Download the Live Picture mobile application using the QR code, or download it from the App Store or Google Play, launch it and watch the book come to life before your eyes.

Weight 37 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 3 in

2+, 3+, 4+, 5+