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Kidsbrain. Acquaintance with professions. Developing notebook. 4 years old / Dolgacheva N., p. 64, year 2018


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KidsBrain is an international methodology for the development of intelligence used for education in 15 countries around the world. The cycle of books created according to this technique contains a complex set of exercises for the versatile development of intelligence.

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The book “Getting to know the professions” continues the “Kidsbrain” series and was created especially for kids 4 years old. New book – new professions: scientist, teacher, doctor, cosmonaut, dentist, ecologist. We continue to get acquainted with the attributes of the professions: this is how the kid learns what a stethoscope is, why test tubes are needed, why an astronaut needs a spacesuit, and much more! Thanks to acquaintance with the profession of ecologist, the reader will be able to learn why it is important to protect the planet and how each of us can do it.
Inside you will find puzzles, labyrinths, cutouts, counting tasks, as well as a memory mini-game! These tasks develop visual-motor functions, logical thinking, attention and logic. Words in the exercises are duplicated in Russian and English. All tasks have become more difficult to match the child’s developmental level.
The book forms a positive attitude towards work and introduces the child to the diversity of the world. This book broadens your horizons, develops spatial and logical thinking and helps you learn English words.

Funny monsters – Brainy and his friends will acquaint the reader with professions. After completing all the tasks, the kid will receive a real certificate! Cut it out of a notebook, write in the baby’s name and enjoy the whole family!

Book “Acquaintance with professions. 4 Years ”is part of the“ KidsBrain ”series. All books in the series are ideally suited to the child’s age, develop different types of cognitive skills and contribute to the all-round development of the child. Learning from the books in the series, the kid increases his erudition, develops different types of thinking, gets practical skills, and also learns social interaction and communication with the outside world.

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