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Secrets of “Vegetables”


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Material: plywood, paper

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How to play?
1. Learn the names of the vegetables shown on the tablet.
2. Ask to describe the taste of each vegetable (for example, carrots – sweet, onions – bitter, garlic – spicy, etc.)
3. Learn the concepts of “top” – “bottom”, “right” – “left”. Ask the child to put in the top row of the tablet: tomato, cucumber, radish and pepper, and in the bottom row: beets, carrots, cabbage and potatoes. Ask the child to name the vegetables that are on the right of the tablet; left on the tablet …
4. Play the game “What has changed?”. Lay out 5-6 vegetables in a row. Have your child close their eyes and swap several pictures. Ask the baby to say what has changed.
5. Teach your child to distinguish the sound that the word begins, for example,
“c” – carrots
“o” – onion
“p” – potato
“g” – garlic, etc.

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