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Educational game “Good Hedgehog”


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Material: wood, textile
Hedgehog size: 18 cm * 12 cm

Set Composition:
hedgehog – 1pc
wooden dowels – 20 pcs.
bag – 1 pc.
circles – 4 pcs.
squares – 5 pcs.
wooden tray – 1 pc.

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A game for developing attention, memory, fine motor skills,
the ability to subordinate their actions to simple rules.

1. Get to know the hedgehog. Consider the hedgehog with the child, “sing” the weekly song provided in the instructions.
2. The game “Collect the thorns.” Hedgehog lost all its thorns in the forest. Ask the baby to help the hedgehog by inserting needles into the holes on the back.
3. Finger play. Ask your child to repeat all the movements after you. (See instruction)
4. The game “Colored thorns.” For the game used colored round chips. Fold all the round chips in a bag. Have your child take one circle out of the bag. Ask what color is the circle? Find for the hedgehog all the thorns of the same color. Similarly, collect the hedgehog all the colored thorns.
5. The game “Count the thorns.”
6. The game “Spiky Risovalka”.
7. Lacing “Good hedgehog.”

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