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Developmental manual “Complex geometric shapes”


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The manual is intended for children from 3 to 8 years. In the process of training with him, the development of fine motor skills of hands, attention, observation, memory, logical thinking, the formation of elementary mathematical representations, the training to find the similarity and difference of objects in shape and color.

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The game manual is a wooden tablet measuring 24×18 cm with six inserts – geometric shapes painted in different colors. The inserts are equipped with handles for convenience. The color of the recesses corresponds to the color of the insert-figure. A pink rectangle, a red square, a yellow rhombus, blue and green triangles, and a light green semicircle are placed on the tablet. When the child learns the names and main signs of geometric shapes, invite him to find common signs in a square and a rectangle or in a rhombus and a triangle. Older children will be interested in finding objects in the surrounding world that are similar in shape to geometric shapes, or, circling them with pencil on paper, turn them into familiar things.

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