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Developmental guide “Mixing colors”


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The knowledge gained will be very useful for the child when he will draw and fantasize: it is not always during creativity that the right paint color is at hand. During the game, boys and girls will not only get acquainted with color, but also develop attention, logical thinking, memory, speech.

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On a wooden tablet measuring 33×23 cm, there are 24 pads in the form of puzzles depicting blots of various colors. By connecting the inserts, the kids will be able to learn how to use other colors and shades with the help of the primary colors: the green color can be obtained by mixing blue and yellow colors, and the pink color is obtained by mixing white and red colors. Even if the child does not combine the desired colors, he will select them according to the shape of the jigsaw puzzle. In none of the combinations of colors, this cut does not match and, therefore, is simply impossible to make the wrong combination.

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