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Developmental guide “Beads”


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During the game, the child will learn colors and shapes, develop fine motor skills, mindfulness, thinking, memory and perseverance. Also, beads can be used as counting material and elements of plot games.

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Lacing “Bead” consists of 2 laces, 48 ​​three-dimensional figures, different in shape, color and size (each 2 pieces) with holes for the lanyard and 48 plates on stands with images of these elements strung on the laces. During the game, you can add a sequence of labels, and then repeat it, stringing the figures on a string, while naming the colors of the figures. For older children, you can complicate the task: suggest collecting a specific pattern, alternating between blue and green washers or red and yellow. When the beads are ready, tie the ends of the lace and let the baby simply fingering the figures with his fingers. This perfectly stimulates the development of fine motor skills.

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