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Developing manual “Play the zoo”


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In addition, voluminous animal figures will help your baby play a play whose heroes will be an elephant and a rhino, a bear and a fox, and other animals. Offer to circle them with pencil on paper, and the baby for some time will also become an artist. Fantasy and create together.

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In this zoo you will find 18 silhouette wooden unpainted animal figures, as well as 2 Christmas trees, 1 deciduous tree and 3 bushes. The figures represent the most common animals that children read and talked about: cow, horse, hare, squirrel, fox, bear, wild boar, elephant, giraffe, rhino, lion, kangaroo, etc. On one side of the silhouette figure 5x4x4.2 cm in size are applied with a stroke of the eyes and mouth. All figures are stacked in a wooden box in a lid-valve.

A set of animals in a fun way will help your child get acquainted with representatives of the animal world, and your stories will expand your understanding of them, their habitat, characteristics and habits.

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