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Alphabet Inlay Frames


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Material: solid pine, birch plywood
Tablet Size: 22cm * 42cm
Letters height: 6 cm – 7 cm

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A game for learning the letters of the Russian alphabet and learning to read.
Game recommendations:

1. At the initial stage, we recommend starting the study with vowels: “A”, “O”, “U”, “I”. Say them lingeringly and as if “singing”.
2. Teach your child not to pronounce the name of the letter – “EM”, “ES”, “ZhE”, but her pronunciation, the sound “MMM”, “SS”, “LJ”.
3. Start the study of consonants with “B”, “P”, “N”, “M”, “T”, “K”, “G”. The sizzling consonants “H”, “W”, “U” are best studied last.
4. Learn to make syllables “MA”, “PA”, “СО”, etc. from letters, and then proceed to the compilation of simple words. Put letters on cards and learn to read.
5. We write letters. In order to learn the letters, you can write them in a variety of ways:
– pencils, pens and crayons
– stick in the sand
– a finger in semolina or flour.

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Dimensions 18 × 15 × 6 in
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