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Set of felt “Vegetable soup”


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Material: Felt
Mat size: 24 cm * 24 cm

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How to play?

1. The game “Cooks”. Invite the child to cook soup, vegetable puree, and vegetable stew in a saucepan. Have your child choose the right ingredients for each meal. Ask your child what soup is made from onions. (Onion). Mashed potatoes? (Potato).
2. The game “Cooking according to the recipe.” Invite your child to calculate how many total vegetables are in the set? Ask for a soup of any 3, 5, 9 ingredients.
3. The game “Favorite vegetable.” Invite your child to guess your favorite vegetable with a few hint words. For example: “My favorite vegetable is yellow, sweet, tops, not peppers. Guess what I love? ” (Corn).
4. The game “Chef’s Alphabet”. Ask the child to make a soup of vegetables, in the name of which you can hear the given sound. For example, “K”  cabbage, potatoes, corn, broccoli, zucchini.

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