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Set of felt “Cooking Breakfast”


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Material: Felt
Mat size: 24 cm * 24 cm

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How to play?

1. The game “Memories.” Choose 3-5 types of products from the set, arrange them in a row in front of the child. Consider, name, try to remember. Ask the child to close his eyes, and in the meantime, hide one product under a plate. Opening his eyes, the child tries to guess which product is hidden?
2. The game “Cooking Breakfast.” Invite your child to calculate how many total products are in the set? Ask for breakfast using any 3, 5, 9 ingredients.
3. The game “Favorite dish.” Invite your child to guess your favorite product with a few hint words. For example: “My favorite product is round, white, fragile, the hero of the fairy tale“ Chicken-pock ”. Guess what I love? ” (Egg). Have a child talk about their favorite product with help words.
4. The game “Chef’s Alphabet”. Ask your child to make breakfast using foods that you can hear in your name. For example, “C” – cheese, sausage, salami, butter (see on pancakes).

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