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Rug playing on the road “Turnip”


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Mat size 42 cm * 48 cm
Material: Felt

Does your child get tired on the road?
Do you want the kid to spend time on the road interestingly and profitably?
Then this mat is for you!
The rug will be able to occupy little fidgets on the road: to captivate, entertain and, if necessary, to distract!

The toy is easily fastened with Velcro to the head of the seat of a car or airplane, weighs little and has many options for games.

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How to play?

1. Consider the rug, name what is depicted on it;
2. Remember the Russian-folk tale Turnip and play it on the rug;
3. Play hide and seek: hide the heroes of the rug behind the fence and in the house;
4. Play with the heroes of the tale: invent various stories, play sketches. Finger toys can be introduced to the new environment, as well as feed and walk.

Weight 18.000 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in
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