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Rug-mosaic “Fairy Glade”


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Carpet size 48 cm * 84 cm
The composition of the set: the basis of felt – 1 pc., Geometric shapes with Velcro – 42 pcs., A set of cards for cutting – 2 sheets, a tablet of 9 cells – 2 pcs.

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How to play?

1. Consider a fairy glade with your child. Offer to “colorize” the clearing by selecting appropriate figures by color and shape. What color, what shape is the tail of a hare, the legs of a bear, the nose of a wolf, etc. Sort geometric shapes by color, shape, size.
2. The game “Find a figure.” Ask the child to find the desired shape:
– Find a figure of the same color.
– Find 2 figures of the same shape.
– Find a figure of the same color, but bigger / smaller than mine.
3. The game “What happens?”. Ask the child what is yellow? Red? Blue? Round? Square? Ask to find objects of the same color and shape in the room.
4. “Geometric constructor.” Figures can be used to depict various objects and make geometric patterns according to your own plan and game plot.

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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in
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