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Busy Board Е2


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Our busy boards are made of high quality birch and alder plywood and painted and painted with environmentally friendly water-based acrylic paint.

A business board is a toy for children from 10 months to about 4 years old, sometimes even more.

This busy board has a pair of loops on the back side and is designed for installation on the wall. The business board is not allowed to be used in the “lying on the floor” position or leaning and not fixed to the wall.

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A busy board with a painted lighthouse and a fish is a very bright and attractive toy for a child. This versatile toy replaces 14 small toys that are designed to develop fine motor skills of hands according to the technique of Maria Montessori. On this business board there are many game elements: a xylophone knocker, two doors with different types of locks and animal drawings inside these doors, as well as wooden weather cubes, a labyrinth with a bird, a labyrinth with a whale, Velcro with animals, counting tree, felt a cloud with constrictions, gears, a bell, a nightlight a balloon, a spinning sun with beads, a latch with a button, a hook and a latch on the doors.

The paint is made in Italy and has a strict certificate EN 71.3 safe for children’s toys. All of our bodyboards are completely painted and assembled by hand. This model of a business board is painted with brushes by the artist.

Imagine that you now have some free time while the child is playing, but this is not a mindless game, but a game that develops various skills, memory and imagination. Now you can safely drink coffee, relax and go to Instagram))) And when your friends and children come to visit you, the business board will help you chat a little while your children are busy together. Although we know that playing with a business board is interesting even for adults.

Color – blue, size 50×70 cm, weight 4.8 kg.

Weight 201 oz
Dimensions 19.6 × 27.5 in


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