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Zemtsova Olga Nikolaevna – Learning to read (3-4 years)


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Zemtsova Olga Nikolaevna Softcover 2019 60×90 / 8

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If your baby speaks well, does not have difficulty communicating, knows the letters and pronounces all the sounds correctly, then you can begin to teach him how to read. Pursuing this book, the child will learn to distinguish letters and sounds, vowels, and consonants, to find the given syllables in words. In order for the kid to study with pleasure, it is necessary to stimulate his interest. Classes should be held in a friendly atmosphere. His success largely depends on the mood of the child. Avoid overwork. It is better if the classes are frequent and short. Remember that a little student may not know or understand something, he has the right to make mistakes. Help the kid in the classroom, disassemble the tasks with him. If the child succeeds, then he will be happy to do it the next time. Praise your child more often, and he will surely please you. WE WISH SUCCESSES!
For reading by adult children.

Azbuka-Attikus; Maсhaon

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