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Mal’tseva I – Colors. Figures. First account


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Chips: – Age 0 + – The child will get acquainted with color, shapes, size and counting up to 4 – Developing intelligence at an early age through developing feelings and attention – Based on Irina Maltseva’s unique authoring technique – Step-by-step instruction for parents Book descriptionWith the book “Colors, shapes , the first account, “the child will understand how the world works, and will learn to express his thoughts and desires so that he is understood. And in order to learn to think logically (to compare, generalize, classify), you first need to learn to see and highlight the properties and signs of different objects and phenomena. This is what the new set of Irina Maltseva will teach!

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What is included in the kit of Irina Maltseva? • 32 cards: 4 cards for familiarizing with the form, score, color, numbers and 28 sensory cards • The first workbook for the development of fine motor skills • Instructions for parents Why do I need a set of “Colors, shapes, first count “? To teach a child quickly and with pleasure: to reason logically, analyze, compare, combine, compose ranks, learn the world. How does Irina Maltseva’s compact technology work? Educational cards are excellent material for classes with the youngest readers, and Irina Maltseva’s methodology will help parents turn learning into an exciting game. The set of “Colors, figures, first score” is included in the collection “It’s fun to play together”. Together with books and games from this collection, joint classes will be useful, fun, interesting and will bring joy to both kids and their parents! Life hack for parents • It is good when a child looks in your face. The assistant in this is surprise: surprise the baby with unusual, exaggerated facial expressions. Do not be afraid to be funny! The most important thing is to capture the attention of the baby, only after that you can start the game. • Say the same words and combinations of words, being from the child to the left, then to the right. Well, if he learns to hear speech from different angles. • Please do not require the child to quickly learn the material, instantly and accurately show the right cards, the correct answers to questions. • Praise your baby as much as possible! What are we developing? • Speech • Score • Memory • Attention • Acumen About the author Irina Maltseva is an experienced acting teacher-psychologist, methodologist, educational program developer and author of more than a hundred books, including the popular “Compact Technology” teaching methodology. And Irina Vladimirovna is a real magician: she can even teach the smallest child to adult sciences. The child thinks that he is playing an interesting game, but in fact he is studying.

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