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Kk. Picture books. Why do we need mom and dad / Bentley P., page 24, year 2020


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Why Mom and Dad are Needed is a reprint of Clever’s bestseller New Facts About Parenting Benefits. This is a hilarious picture book that will appeal to both children and adults!

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“There is an opinion that every parent is a tyrant, tyrant and destroyer of freedom …”

Oh, these parental instructions and prohibitions! Collect toys, wash your hands, don’t eat candy before dinner, brush your teeth – how to live with all this? But in fact, parents can do not only this! What else?

“Remember: a seemingly ordinary parent is the main inspirer of the most beautiful dreams, amusing evening stories reader, feather bed fluffer, blanket teller!”

Who will fix a beloved bear? Who will prepare a surprise for your birthday? Who can become a princess, an Indian and launch a rocket into space – all in one day? Who will comfort, hug and warm? Well, of course, beloved parents! True, they have one little and terrible secret. Which one? Find out on the last page!

The book “Why Mom and Dad are Needed” is a story about all children and parents in the world! In it, everyone recognizes himself and will laugh with pleasure.

About the author:
Peter Bentley is the author of popular children’s books, winner of the American Library Association Award and the Roald Dahl Award for Funniest Book.

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