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Animals and their babies. Time to learn!, Page 20, year 2019


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Helps instill a love of learning from an early age
Expands horizons and encourages curiosity
“It’s time to learn!” – a cute cardboard book that will help your little one to love learning and learning about the world around him.

Playing with her, your baby will learn how and what different animals and their babies learn: serious whales and playful lion cubs, sly foxes and mischievous monkeys, clumsy ducklings and many others.

Together with this book, your kid will be enthusiastically preparing for kindergarten classes!

“Animals and Their Babies” is a mini-series of useful cardboard books for babies from 1 to 3 years old. Playing with them, the baby will master the most important basic skills. He will learn how to maintain hygiene, why you need to sleep and what it means to study, and also get acquainted with how a variety of animals cope with these tasks.
All books in the series are made of safe, thick white cardboard, their corners are specially rounded, and the format is very convenient for small pens.

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